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Industrial Roofing Safety

At 3G Industrial Roofing, we take rooftop safety seriously.  We are committed to making each and every job a “safe place to work” for all of our employees (our most valuable assets by far).

  • Company wide safety protocol
  • Enforced job site safety procedures
  • Mandatory OSHA training for all crew members and leaders
  • Daily safety inspections

The safety of every employee at 3G Industrial Roofing is one of our highest priorities. Therefore, all our activities are conducted according to local, state, and federal safety standards, codes, regulations, and appropriate industry standards.

Our Health and Safety Plan is the foundation of our safety program. Each level of management, supervision, and employees are required to become familiar with their assigned safety responsibilities, rules, and procedures.  We will provide the training and resources necessary to achieve our safety goals and management/supervision will be held accountable for the results.  We strive to keep every job site clean, organized, and free from danger for our employees as well as our clients.

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